Yesterday, my uncle put us to work on his farm, planting a whole field of something called “colabi”. As someone who has never performed any hard labor for the sake of survival, i had a lot of fun doing it, even though i hate bugs and stuff.

And here is where i suck all the fun out of everything: the fact that americans are always going abroad to farm through programs like “wwoof” is kind of a really apt expression of how ridiculous our world is, how completely certain countries have sucked up all the wealth and opportunity in the world and left some of their people with more than they know what to do with. I admit the greater irony of my situation, considering my parents grew up in agrarian poverty in korea, then immigrated to the US and worked their asses off to provide their children with good educations, all so that i could move back to an enriched, urbanized korea 30 years later to do a variety of somewhat pointless things. i guess the big difference is that whenever i stop finding it cute, i can hop on the next flight back to the us and get a desk job somewhere where i get paid to watch cat videos while other people break their backs for my food, or just settle down in seoul and delight in the westernization of my ancestors’ land, and how even i as a yellow person can plaster myself with western brands and be a super-consumer for my self-worth, all the while making ridiculous amounts of money off of my mere existence as an american english-speaking ivy league tool. the system!

(this is the worst travel blog ever.)